Coco’s Picks: Wakarusa ’09

No festivals for me this week. I’m preparing for the onslaught that is known as Bonnaroo. If you’re heading to Wakarusa in the Ozarks this weekend, here are some artists you might enjoy.

1. Cornmeal
I saw this band for the first time at Summer Camp last weekend and am curious what they’ll bring to Wakarusa. They pride themselves in performing a unique and inventive show so you’ll never know what you’ll get. Cornmeal is a five-piece acoustic-electric bluegrass group who are known to give a lively performance including styles of rock, country, the blues, jazz, funk and even disco. Let’s see where their performance will take the crowd this time. Cornmeal plays at 12:30 on the main stage on Thursday and 2:30 in the Revival Tent on Friday.
2. STS9
Completely different from Cornmeal, but it’s nice to have a broad range of music you can dig. Last year at Rothbury, these guys put on a wild psychedelic light show while performing their instrumental rock and analog generated sound. Elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop, and drum and bass also add to experience of Sound Tribe Sector 9. I recommend bringing some 3D glasses and be ready to dance your pants off. Check out Holospex. They are awesome! Show starts at 10:45 Friday night at the Main Stage and 12:15 am on Saturday in the Revival Tent.
3. Ganga Giri
Does the sound of the traditional Australian Didjeridu with fat tribal beats, funky dub bass lines, and world percussion sounds intrigue you? It intrigues me. Catch Ganga Giri at 6pm on Friday in the Revival Tent.

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