Coco’s Picks: Summerfest 2009

1.The Riverboat Gamblers:If you are in the mood for energetic punk, then catch this show.Lets just say these guys may piss off a stagehand or two before the end of the show.I first saw The Riverboat Gamblers perform on the Warped Tour a few years ago and word behind the stage was they were the band to see.If other bands are talking, that’s good!Riverboat Gamblers play at 6:30pm on Thursday June 25th

2.Stevie Wonder:Because Rolling Stone has named him the ninth greatest singer of all time.And it’s Stevie Wonder! Everyone should appreciate any opportunity to see him live at least once in their lifetime.You’ll be surprised at how many of his songs you actually know a lot of the words to. Stevie Wonder plays at 7pm on Sunday June 28th.

4.Kid Rock:There is nothing more entertaining than people watching at a Kid Rock show.The only concert I have ever been to where the motorcycle parking lot was larger than the car lot was at Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock.So maybe I took my top off and swung it above my head while watching some good rock and roll from atop my friend’s shoulders.It’s not my fault, that’s just what you do at these types of shows. And that’s why you should go.Oh and in case you didn’t know, Kid Rock is a talented rocker.I’m sure he’ll demonstrate for you at 7pm on Sunday July 5th.

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