Coco’s Picks: Summer Camp

Hitting up festivals during the spring and fall is easy. There’s usually only one choice. But with the official start of summer this weekend, I have to make some difficult choices on what festival to attend. Last year, I was lucky enough to make it to Sasquatch, so this year I’m checking out Summer Camp.  

Here are four acts I’m going to catch:   

girltalk1. Girl Talk

I don’t waste money on mainstream hip-hop and club hits for one reason: No talent. So it surprised the hell out of me to find myself dancing and screaming out all the lyrics to a remix of “My Humps” during the last Girl Talk show. You will have fun. I promise.

mmsw2. Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood

I was first turned on to Medeski Martin and Wood by a random guy I met on the streets of Chicago. One hour and twelve blocks later I bought Zaebos. With music styles of jazz, funk, soul, rock, and reggae, they play something to please every festival junkie.   

gomez3. Gomez

I hung out with these guys once on a quiet Monday night, which they turned into a huge beerfest aboard their bus. If you like indie tunes, rock music, and the blues, you will definitely dig Gomez

buckethead4.  Buckethead

A mysterious, guitar-playing virtuoso is one act you should not miss. His orgins are shrouded in rumor. Some believe he was raised by a community of chickens, growing up influenced by Ozzy Osbourne, comic books, and horror flicks. If you can dig pure guitar shredding, or even country style chicken picking, you will find yourself pleasantly amused at this show.  Did I mention he is half robot?

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