Coco’s Picks: Sasquatch ’09

Tough choices at Sasquatch this year. It was a challenge to narrow my picks with so many amazing artists.  Here a few of my favorites:

mward1.  M. Ward

I really dig M. Ward’s unique sound.  His gritty whisper of a voice is surprisingly soothing and the rendition he does of CCR’s Green River is one of my favorite covers.  I have no doubt that this show will be nothing less than Hi-Fi.

badu2.  Erykah Badu 

Queen of hip-hop, neo-soul, and class.  Do I really need to explain why I would want to be at this show? 

gogol_bordello3.  Gogol Bordello 

You may recognize this band from the film “Everything is Illuminated”.  They played the Star Spangled Banner at the train station. Watching Gogol Bordello live is a whole other story. Check out the polka pit — think mild moshing meets polka meets pogo dancing.

beach_house4.  Beach House 

I wouldn’t be surprised if their show is as visually stimulating as their music. You might find yourself drifting off to dance with someone you’ve never met before. I say go with it.  

vince_mira5.  Vince Mira

I’m not much of a country music fan, but I can’t get enough of this kid. That’s right — kid. He’s only 17, discovered in the streets of Seattle. Although he made his mark with a killer remake of Ring of Fire, he is also writing and performing his own material.  And doing a damn good job of it. 

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