Coco’s Picks: Rock on the Range

This weekend Rock on the Range hits Columbus, Ohio in all its metal glory. I won’t be at this one — I’ll be rolling on DUB’s in Atlantic City, but here is who I would want to check out if I was there.

1. Alice in Chains
Because maybe you forgot they sold over 14 million albums in the US alone. Since they fell off the radar during the last decade, I’m curious to hear what the new lead vocalist brings to the table.

2. The Used
I like to dance and occasionally ram into people. And I sort of have a thing for dirty, long haired boys. My favorites that I hope they play: Blue and Yellow and A Box Full of Sharp Object.

3. Flyleaf
I picked this band because the lead singer is shorter than me and cute as hell. You might recognize a couple of their songs featured on the Guitar Hero 3 soundtrack and Guitar Praise (think Christian Guitar Hero).

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