Christmas Gifts for the Festival Fanatic in Your Life

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Christmas shopping can seem like a daunting task, and for some reason every year it only gets more difficult to find that perfect something for that special someone.  Enough candles, witty graphic tees, and gift cards, it’s time to grab a gift for your festival friends this year that will get them hyped about their next festival adventure.

Small But Mighty


To kick off the ultimate Christmas list is a product that any festival junkie can take on the go no matter the festival or genre.  We’d like you to meet our friend in times of need, the Bose SoundLink Mini.  Typically, compact sound speakers just play music with mediocre quality.  The Bose SoundLink Mini may be small, but this thing can bump. The battery life is shocking (lasting somewhere around 10 hours), and the bass brings any kind of music to life, no matter where your festival friends may take it.

By the Power Vested in the Sun


Every junkie has lived the struggle of having their technology die right before their favorite band or artist takes the stage.  For this holiday season, gift an essential different from the 12 pack of socks. Instead, give a solar charger a test drive.  These little suckers pack enough punch to keep a festie’s technology charged all weekend.  A good investment for anyone constantly on the go with not an outlet in sight. It makes a great $15-$30 gift for someone who plans on taking videos and pictures of (and hopefully with) the bands and people they love. 

Going Mobile


When it comes to tight crowds all jumping around and having a blast, it can be difficult to keep one’s stuff in check. Instead lugging around a backpack, spice up your gift-giving game this year and order a custom fanny pack.  For about $11 you can slap any inside joke or nickname on the front of one of these bad boys.  If deicing what to slap on the pack is too much pressure (no worries, it’s a lot to think about), don’t stress! One with a cool pattern works just as well.

Updated Art


Flash tats are still super cute and perfect for festivals, but for a festie friend who likes to jam at night? Flash tats might not do the trick.  The perfect replacement (and holiday gift) are UV glow in the dark temporary tattoos. Not only will they look great, but for about $8 they make the perfect last minute present.

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