CBGB Music Festival This Summer In NYC

The CBGB Logo

CBGB. New York City. July 2012.

The legendary CBGB club is returning as a music festival this summer in New York City. Rumors have been circulating since January about a revamped CBGB venue opening its doors. Now we’ve got an official website for a CBGB Music Festival scheduled from July 4-8, 2012. Speculation is that the music festival might be the re-launch of the club.

According to the website, the CBGB festival will promise music, film, a conference, and drink. The motto:

Get Ready. Get Loud. Get Heard.

Aspiring artists have a chance to partake in history. CBGB is looking for acts on the website via SonicBids.

I was going to suggest that we swap stories of the old CBGB days. Then I realized that not only is my sole trip to the club very hazy, but that the parts I do remember shall not be committed to print.

But we won’t stop you. Comment away.

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