Car Hammock: Our First Impressions [Gear]

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Car Hammock In Action

As someone who’s spent a pretty good amount of time on the road, I’ve probably had more than my fair share of nights sleeping in a car. (Spoiler alert: it’s not very comfy). At festivals, on road trips – once after a wedding reception, but that’s a story for a different time – I’ve been known to cozy up in the not-so-comfortable confines of a motor vehicle. Back when I had a Honda Element (RIP) it wasn’t such a big deal, but now that I’m rocking the Impreza it’s a different story.

That’s why I was happy to hear from the folks at Car Hammock, letting me know about their product designed to keep me from waking up with a seatbelt embedded in my skull. Created with the frugal traveler in mind, the hammock is designed to suspend you from the ceiling of your car, floating on a cloud of luxury instead trying to figure out how to nestle your lumbar juuust right into the console.

It seems like a home run for festivals with camping or overnight parking, so we’re excited to test it out. Our first impression now that we have one in hand is that it’s a well-made piece of equipment with a nice design, and a less-than five minute setup. I’ve been traveling the last couple weeks (in planes, not cars, unfortunately) so I haven’t been able to sleep in mine, but that’s happening soon. If you can’t wait to hear what we have to say about it, you can buy one for $64 on their website – make sure to let us know what you think, and keep an eye out for our full review.

Watch the Car Hammock setup video:

(Cover Image via @carhammock)

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