Camp in A Beehive: Music Festival Sleeping Pods



Ever wonder what it’s like to to sleep in a beehive? Leave it to the Europeans to reinvent the festival camping experience with these stackable sleeping cells. The B-AND-BEE┬ásleeping cells made their debut last year during Gentse Feesten in Belgium with half a dozen prototypes. Judging from these pictures, we hope to see them hit the full festival circuit this year.


Each cell has luggage storage, a locker, a light, and a power supply. The king size bed can also be easily transformed into a comfortable lounge seat. While they look like fun, we’re curious to see how they hold up during a full summer festival complete with heatwaves and rain.


The B-AND-BEE team worked with security agencies, festivals, and urban services to develop a system that could be setup quickly and have a very small footprint.


Bonus points — they double as art.

Photo Credits: B-AND-BEE

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