Bumbershoot 2014 Preview: The Day By Day MFW Sampler



The MFW crew is spending Labor Day Weekend at the annual Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival and with an overwhelming amount of music choices, we’re going to be stretching ourselves thin trying to see everything. Check out our picks for the weekend below and let us know who we’re missing.
–Angry Villager and Coco Shredder


Danny Brown
4:30 PM, Fisher Green Stage

Interwebs Says: “In an era of industry-obsessed MCs, interchangeable hashtag raps, and “viral” everything, it has become increasingly difficult to find a true original in the rap game, an artist able to ignite a buzz without calculatedly chasing it down. Yet ask anyone who’s been paying attention and they’ll tell you: Danny Brown is that dude.”

MFW Says: Danny Brown exploded onto the rap scene a couple years ago, smelling like reefer, rolling on molly and braying some of the cleverest rhymes you’ve ever heard with a style that’s unmistakable. Must see.

7:30 PM, End Zone Stage

Interwebs Says: Alternative hip hop, Northwest hip hop

MFW Says: These guys list Cannibal Ox’s The Cold Vein as one of their biggest influences. If those words mean anything to you, make sure you’re in the audience.

7:45 PM, Pavilion Stage

Interwebs Says: A DJ from Seattle who likes wolves & usually has a mullet.

MFW Says: Yeah, he’s playing at the same time as Grayskul, but this dude looks like he he’s been getting high off Riff Raff’s fumes for the past 5 years, and his tank top probably smells like bongwater. Why wouldn’t you want to party with him?

9:30 PM, Pavillion Stage

Interwebs Says: Bass House, Speed Garage, Breakbeat, Electro, Moombahton, 2-step

MFW Says: We usually find mashups as much fun to listen to as whales mating, but he named himself after one of our favorite video games from the 80s so we’ll give this guy a bye, plus he’s apparently kind of a big deal in the EDM scene.

2:45 PM, Mainstage

Interwebs Says: Pop punk alternative rock pop rock

MFW Says: There was a time when we would have said we’d rather watch 30 Seconds to Mars than ever hear the lyric “Haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!” again, but who knows…maybe a decade of absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Wu-Tang Clan
9:45 PM, Mainstage

Interwebs Says: “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta Fuck Wit”

MFW Says: Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to F with, even 20 years later. Come for the rapping, stay for the potential enmity and hatred between the members.


12:30 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage

Interwebs Says: 2 beards, 4 amps, and more raw talent than Jesus.

MFW Says: Wall of sound + Wall of beards = Helllllll yeah!

Red Fang
3:45 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage

Interwebs Says: “I’ve known Red Fang for a long time — from before their very humble beginnings in 1972, even. I knew them in the early days when they were grody dirt wizards that you never wanted to see with their shirts off. But there we were in Teeksville, Vermont, at 4 a.m. After literally burning the club to the ground following their poorly attended set, I’m pounding on the door of the cutest little bed and breakfast you’ve ever laid eyes on with a very drunk and hungry Red Fang demanding a pancake breakfast — topless.”

MFW Says: Watch any of their videos (http://www.redfang.net/video.html) and tell us Red Fang isn’t a band you’d sell your grandma to see.

5:15 PM, Pavilion Stage

Interwebs Says: “Negativland is an experimental music band which originated in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1970s.”

MFW Says: We started listening to these guys when they showed up in the order form that was included in the tapes we bought from SST Records. Edgy, smart and interesting, it’s probably a good thing they’re going on fairly early, before you start dipping too heavily into your extracurricular pharmaceuticals.

Dismemberment Plan
9 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage

Interwebs Says: “The Dismemberment Plan is a Washington D.C. based indie rock band formed on January 1, 1993. Also known as D-Plan or The Plan, the name comes from a stray phrase uttered by insurance salesman Ned Ryerson in the popular comedy Groundhog Day.”

MFW Says: Angry Villager saw these guys a few times before they broke up and they were great. Now they’ve gotten back together specifically to play for you*.
* This may or may not be 100% true.

Bootsy Collins
10 PM, Fisher Green Stage

Interwebs Says: “Rising to prominence with James Brown in the early 1970s, and later with Parliament-Funkadelic, Collins’s driving bass guitar and humorous vocals established him as one of the leading names in funk.”

MFW Says: Because Bootsy Collins, that’s why!


Jonathan Richman
8 PM, Starbucks Stage

Interwebs Says: “In 1970 (Richman) founded The Modern Lovers, an influential proto-punk band. Since the mid-1970s, Richman has worked either solo or with low-key, generally acoustic, backing.”

MFW Says: If you only recognize his face as “that dude with the guitar in There’s Something About Mary,” do yourself a favor and check him out.

The Reverend Horton Heat
8:45 PM, Starbucks Stage

Interwebs Says: …the “godfather of modern rockabilly and psychobilly.”

MFW Says: It’s martini time!

2:45 PM, Fisher Green Stage

Interwebs Says: “DakhaBrakha – is world-music quartet from Kyiv, Ukraine. Reflecting fundamental elements of sound and soul, Ukrainian “ethnic chaos” band DakhaBrakha, create a world of unexpected new music.”

MFW Says: When is the next time you’ll get the chance to catch live world music like this?

Bomba Estereo
6:15 PM, Fisher Green Stage

Interwebs Says: “Bomba Estéreo is a Colombian band founded in 2005 by Simón Mejía in the country’s capital Bogotá. Their music has been described as “electro vacilón”, “electro tropical” or “psychedelic cumbia.”

MFW Says: Gotta get your cumbia on whenever you can.

Capital Cities
2:30 PM, Mainstage

Interwebs Says: “An American indie pop duo from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2008 by Ryan Merchant (vocals, keyboards) and Sebu Simonian (vocals, keyboards)

MFW Says: If you like to party on boats with super soakers then you should experience Capital Cities.

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