Bonnaroo ’09 in Photos

I was encircled by giant glowing fireflies when the fireball exploded. And because this was Bonnaroo, none of this was unexpected. The fireflies were sculptures that flickered on every night and the explosion was from a nearby stage show. If you have ever powered through this four day marathon, you know there’s more to Bonnaroo than just the music. The following is a photo report of my favorite non-musical moments of Bonnaroo 2009.

Watching other people work out. Every morning I swung by the morning yoga class. Not that I participated, but it relaxes me to watch other people stretching.


The Art of the Roo. Walking through Bonnaroo is like strolling though an art museum. Giant bobble heads anyone? I also enjoyed collaborative art projects. This is one where you grabbed a brush and painted squares. Like the yoga class, I enjoyed this much more by watching other people work.

bobblehead bonnarooart

I Love Seeing Wierd Shit. Some things you just don’t understand. Like a neon colored dude in a plastic bubble being cheered on by scantily clad girls and a spandex covered violinist.


Girls, Girls, Girls. The humidity in Tennesse is face meltingly terrible. That’s the bad part. The flip side is that girls became allergic to their shirts.


The Bonnaroo fashion show. T-shirt, shorts, sandals, and your helmet. Anything goes at Bonnaroo. And did anyone else see Chewbacca dancing on stage at Girl Talk or was I just completely losing it?


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