Top 12 Music Festivals in Portugal To See This Summer [2020]
By / February 6, 2020

Perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is often overlooked as a music festival destination, but the festie backpacker will find a treasure trove of events across the summer. Dramatic coastlines and friendly festival weather combined with affordable prices makes this a haven for travelers seeking out unique experiences.

ZNA Gathering 2022

August 15-22, 2022

Montargil Lake, Portugal

Far away from the tourists in the cities and beaches of Portugal, psychedelic festies gather at Montargil Lake for the ZNA Gathering. Organized by members of the global trance scene, the mission statement of ZNA is to provide an idyllic place in nature where energy and communication flow in a retro-futuristic way. It's a beautiful venue on a refreshing lake with stages tucked away under shady pine and cork trees.

Featured Artists:

Photo Credit: Sara Constança

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