Best Music Festival Meltdowns of 2012


We all have bad days at work. Fortunately for most of us, our tantrums aren’t uploaded to the Internet. Below are some of our favorite flare-ups, hissy fits, and general kookiness (see Girl Humps a Tree) from this year.

Billie Joe Freaks Out on Beiber

The indisputable king of meltdowns happened at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas. Billie Joe Armstrong, frontman for Green Day, just loses his shit at the end of the set, smashes his guitar, and swears at the audience. Then he checked into rehab.

Kid Cudi Trashes the Stage

Australia’s Heatwave Festival had a number of problems during its short run through, but the best meltdown happened in Melbourne. Kid Cudi is told to end early, they cut off his mic, and then he proceeds to take out his frustration on the stage equipment.

Glen Danzig Hates Photos

Apparently, Glen Danzig really hates anyone taking his photo. So when a professional photographer tried to snap a few picks at Bonnaroo 2012, Danzig rushed off stage to confront him. In unrelated news, why is this photo of Danzig buying kitty litter so funny?

Deadmau5 Bites the Hand That Feeds

It’s almost impossible to take anyone seriously that performs while wearing a giant mouse head, but Deadmau5 made some headlines when he released a 12 minute rant on his website about the 2012 Ultra Music Festival in Miami — a festival he played at and gladly took money from in 2008, 2009, and 2010. A week after posting it, the mouse removed his rambling and semi-incoherent video from YouTube. Deadmau5 is scheduled to play at three music festivals in the next few months.

Val Kilmer Smashing Guitars

So this one is actually staged for a film, but it’s still fun watch old Val Kilmer beat up a guitar while on stage with the Black Keys at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Watch out, Joaquin Phoenix.

Girl Humps a Tree

Not all festival related meltdowns involve the artists. Here’s a girl so high at Ultra Miami 2012 that she decides to seduce a tree. When she’s done with the humping, there’s a long passionate kiss, then a fight, then reconciliation. You want more insane? This dude posted a six minute video describing the video of a girl humping a tree. You win this round, Internet. I’m unplugging.

Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.