The 17 Best Indie Rock Music Festivals In Europe For 2023
By / January 16, 2023

Photo Credit: Vito Valentinetti

“It’s indie rock and roll for me,” sing the world’s least indie rock band, but we understand the sentiment coming from The Killers when it comes to this genre. Europe may be the world’s mecca for electronic music, but there’s a thriving indie rock festival scene here full of local talent, legacy acts, and DIY fests.

Primavera Sound Barcelona 2023

May 31-June 3, 2023

Barcelona, Spain

This Barcelona institution is a beacon for the entire spectrum of indie rock along with a smattering of entries from just about every other genre of music. Hundreds of bands fill the Parc El Forum along with one-of-a-kind intimate performances throughout the city. Add this music festival mecca to your bucket list immediately.

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Primavera Sound Porto 2023

June 7-10, 2023

Porto, Portugal

The little sibling to Barcelona's mega-festival Primavera Sound, this Portuguese edition takes place the following weekend in the charming city of Porto. The recipe remains the same, with a staggering roster of indie rock talent. The grassy hillsides of Parque Central means that every seat is a prime location to watch the show.

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Photo Credit: Vito Valentinetti

OFF Festival 2023

August 4-6, 2023

Katowice, Poland

Still unspoiled by hordes of backpackers, Poland is a treat for travelers. And nothing makes that treat sweeter than the similarly unspoiled OFF Festival in Katowice which after ten years still keeps its lineup fresh and surprising.

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Photo Credit: Vito Valentinetti

La Route Du Rock 2023

August 16-19, 2023

St Malo, France

This very hip, very cool, indie rock festival is one of the few in France that can boast a 25+ year history. The biannual event has featured Portishead, Disclosure, The XX, Blur, Pulp, Air, and Sonic Youth and has even spun off a winter edition.

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Photo Credit: Vito Valentinetti

Melt! Festival 2023

June 8-11, 2023

Ferropolis, Germany

The Melt! Festival, surrounded by the calm waters of Lake Gremmin and the steely silence of the iron city, is filled with the musical noise of one of Germany's standout lineups. Camping is a must at this German festival, and the open-air museum of an abandoned coal factory marks this as a one-of-kin venue.

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Best Kept Secret Festival 2023

June 9-11, 2023

Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands

One of the highlights of the Dutch festival season, the Best Kept Secret Festival brings a world-class lineup to the south of the Netherlands. The beautiful location boasts an incredible lake, plenty of camping options, and multiple stages to complete the weekend.

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Photo Credit: Samuel Swanson

Maifeld Derby 2023

June 16-18, 2023

Mannheim, Germany

Maifeld Derby is an intimate indie rock festival held at a horse racing track. The multiple stage festival features super close camping and vibe that will make you feel like family by the end of the festival. Set times and stages are set up so you spend less time walking and more time seeing incredible this awesomely curated lineup.

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Siren’s Call 2023

June 24, 2023

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Siren's Call is a one-day music festival that takes place sin the heart of Luxembourg City. Besides the indie rock lineup, there's also readings, an organic wine bar, dance performances, a design expo, and a kid's program.

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Photo Credit: Vito Valentinetti

Pohoda Festival 2023

July 6-8, 2023

Trencin, Slovakia

Major festival line-up, boutique festival vibe, and the comfort of a garden party at your best friend’s place for a fraction of a regular ticket price. The annual Pohoda Festival takes place on the spacious grounds of an airport which means every seat is within site of the stage and castle topped mountains. Our editor-in-chief called this his favorite fest of the summer.

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Pointu Festival 2023

July 7-9, 2023

Six-Fours-la-Plage, France

This chilled out indie rock experience takes place on an island just off the coast of southern France.

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Bluedot Festival 2023

July 20-23, 2023

Jodrell Bank, UK

Leave the festival fantasy world behind and embark on the Bluedot experience. The award-winning Bluedot is an 'intergalactic festival of music, science, arts, culture and the exploration of space.' Taking place on the grounds of a deep space observatory, the festival combines an out-of-this-world lineup with a pioneering program of live science, experiments, and expert talks.

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Photo Credit: Bluedot

Sideways Festival 2023

June 8-10, 2023

Helsinki, Finland

Dive into the center of Helsinki in June to experience Sideways. Nearly 80 acts are presented featuring a lineup of the best national and international acts. This is a cozy boutique festival that should be on every indie rock aficionado's wishlist.

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Photo Credit: Vito Valentinetti

Beaches Brew Festival 2023

June 5-8, 2023

Ravenna, Italy

Beaches Brew is a super cool, super free, indie rock festival that takes place at the Ravenna Marina. Take the week off work and chill out by the sea while enjoying this wonderfully curated lineup along with a few local brews.

Photo Credit: Francesca Sara Cauli

Flow Festival 2023

August 11-13, 2023

Helsinki, Finland

The effortlessly hip Flow Festival is Helsinki's premier music festival of the summer. The tastefully curated lineup features everything from indie rock and folk to soul and jazz. The festival area is a truly unique place, containing 11 different venues including massive outdoor stages and cozy indoor spots.

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Photo Credit: Janita Autio

Ypsigrock Festival 2023

August 10-13, 2023

Castelbuono, Sicily

Situated in the absolutely breathtaking mountains of central Sicily, Ypsigrock is a hidden gem of a music a festival. The Castle of Castelbuono is the backdrop to a full weekend of indie rock. Show up early to claim a camping spot and partake in the welcome party.

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Standon Calling 2023

July 20-23, 2023

Standon, UK

Each summer, Standon Calling tells a new story, bringing their garden party to life with a themed world that has included monsters, the circus, and legends of the lost sees. Across four fun-filled days, you’ll hear music from the acts you love and the very best in emerging talent. Savor incredible food, dance until the early hours, enjoy an abundance of family activities, lounge by the pool, luxuriate in a hot tub, or relax with a massage.

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Standon Calling/Vito Valentinetti

Down The Rabbit Hole 2023

June 30-July 2, 2023

Beuningen, Netherlands

Lose yourself at Down the Rabbit Hole. Set on the edge of a lake (yes, there is swimming) this indie rock bonanza in The Netherlands is one of MFW's favorite fests of the summer. All of the main stages are placed under massive circus tents so no need to worry about the famous rains of the region.

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