Bad Ass Camping: The SylvanSport GO Trailer

The staff at Music Festival Wizard love camping in all its glorious forms. From spending the night in a hammock to living in a gigantic RV for over 100 days, we’re just huge fans of the outdoors. So of course our gear heart went all aflutter over the SylvanSport Go! trailer. It’s a trailer! It’s a tent! It’s a gear hauler!

The GO! trailer is super light so it can be towed by just about any vehicle. And like a Transformer, there more than meets the eye as it shifts, twists, and changes into various configurations for your needs. Hell, there’s even a control-tilt deck to lower your toys to the ground.

Here’s a preview of the trailer:

The price tag runs around $8000 which may or may not be a dealbreaker. Then again — did you see the beer cooler?

via SylvanSport


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  • September 25, 2013

    Gilberto Garcete


    I’m Gilberto from Paraguay. Could you tell me the trailer camping last price?
    I can take in Miami, FL

    Best regard,

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