AURA Festival 2013 Dates and Headliners

Is it too early to start talking about next year? Hell no. And kicking off the festivities early in 2013 is the AURA Music & Arts Festival held in Live Oak, Florida. Papadosio, Conspirator, Perpetual Groove, and the Heavy Pets wll headline February 15-17, 2013. Last year, AURA tried out the month of March, but looks like they’ve decided to move back to February making it one of the only winter time music festivals in North America.

Here’s how the folks at AURA describe their festival:

Since its inception in 2010, AURA Music & Arts Festival has stayed true to its mission of showcasing the best regional and national touring bands in the underground jam community and live-electronic scene, building an event that brings fans together for a magical weekend of music, family and good times! Treating festivalgoers to a variety of musical styles ranging from rock, funk and jazz to roots reggae, jam-tronica and deep house, the vibe at AURA is unlike any other festival, creating a community of music, arts, culture and togetherness, and 2013 will be no exception.

Tickets: There’s an early bird special of $75 which goes up to $99 then $119 and finally $140 at the box office so pick up passes now to save some bucks.

via AURA Music Festival

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