August Music Festivals Still Happening in 2021
By / August 4, 2021


With Lollapalooza happening at the end of July, it seems like we are going to have a festival season this year. Below is our rundown of select events happening around the world this August. The COVID-19 pandemic is still happening, so this list is smaller than usual with most festivals opting to skip 2021.

Note: This article was last updated on August 4, 2021. Dates, cancellations, and postponements are happening at a rapid pace so check the official website and socials of festivals for the latest news.

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Hinterland Festival 2021

When: August 6-8, 2021

Where: Des Moines, IA

The Scene: Strike out for the uncharted regions of central Iowa and the two-day Hinterland Festival. Located along the scenic Raccoon River, this newcomer to the festival scene has already hosted a number of world class bands including San Fermin, TV on the Radio, Future Islands, Shakey Graves, Dwight Yoakam, and Ryan Adams.

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Wilderness Festival 2021

When: August 5-8, 2021

Where: Oxfordshire, UK

The Scene: The inspired Wilderness Festival welcomes festies to a British boutique experience in a stunning nature reserve. Everyone is invited to be part of a community and a celebration with a 'vast and unique program that celebrates each art with equal significance.' A truly unique summer festival in Oxfordshire.

The Lineup: , ,

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HIVE Music Festival 2021

When: August 6-7, 2021

Where: Salt Lake City, UT

The Scene: HIVE is a two-day hip-hop music festival taking place in Salt Lake City at the Utah State Fairpark.

The Lineup: ,

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Secret Stages Festival 2021

When: August 6-7, 2021

Where: Birmingham, AL

The Scene: 'Secret Stages is a two-day walking music festival that takes place in downtown Birmingham, AL on the first weekend of August. For two nights a diverse group of music enthusiasts are treated to around 60 bands performing on the stages of neighborhood establishments.'

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Defected Croatia 2022

When: August 4-10, 2022

Where: Tisno, Croatia

The Scene: It's house music heaven when the UK Defected label takes over The Garden at Tisno. Beachside camping, boat parties, special shows, and lots of surprises makes this an ideal island getaway. Need a break from the bumping beats? Explore the lovely Croatian seaside city of Tisno in between sets.

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CRSSD Festival Fall 2021

When: September 25-26, 2021

Where: San Diego, CA

The Scene: CRSSD Festival returns to Waterfront Park in downtown San Diego with this now annual springtime event. The electronic heavy festival has introduced indie rock into the lineup over the last few editions as well as some incredible underground DJs. Leave the hula hoops, LED gloves, and totems at home -- they're prohibited at CRSSD.

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Splash House 2021

When: August 13-22, 2021

Where: Palm Springs, CA

The Scene: Splash House is a summer festival series held in southern California and your ticket to a house and disco escape with great people and great fun. Held over two weekends in sunny Palm Springs, the party takes place across three hotel resorts.

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Hoxeyville 2021

When: August 13-15, 2021

Where: Wellston, MI

The Scene: This peaceful fest makes its home in the gentle north country of Michigan. Surrounded by the Manistee National Forest, Hoxeyville is the Midwest’s premier Americana and roots festival. The family-friendly event also has camping, kid’s programming, and plenty of outdoor diversions in between the tunes.

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Lovefest 2021

When: August 5-7, 2021

Where: Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

The Scene: 'The extremely budget-friendly Lovefest is a solid addition to the quickly growing Balkan electronic music festival circuit. In the United States and England, we have all these archaic laws about noise past midnight, but Serbia has no such qualms, and the music stays bumping literally into the dawn. The gates don’t open until sunset, and it’s empty until around midnight, at which point you can barely move until sunrise.' -

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Das Energi Festival 2021

When: August 13-14, 2021

Where: Salt Lake City, UT

The Scene: This small EDM-centric Utah festival has stepped up to the next level in recent years, gaining national recognition for its production and lineup. Not many venues can match the atmosphere of The Great Saltair, a historical Utah icon that overlooks the stark beauty of the Great Salt Lake and the sharp backdrop of the Wasatch Range mountains.

The Lineup: , ,

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Interstellar Festival 2021

When: August 13-15, 2021

Where: Cincinnati, OH

The Scene: Interstellar is Cincinnati's first all electronic music festival. This three day experience features a stacked lineup with some of EDM/dubstep's best talent.

The Lineup:

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Telluride Jazz Festival 2021

When: August 13-15, 2021

Where: Telluride, CO

The Scene: Laid back showcase of the best in jazz, funk, soul and eclectic world music with the beautiful Telluride aesthetic as the background.

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4 Peaks Music Festival 2021

When: August 19-22, 2021

Where: Bend, OR

The Scene: 'The 4 Peaks Music Festival was born as a musical vision of 5 friends who had the desire to bring great music and a festival vibe to Oregon…and it worked! This festival strives to bring great acts to Central Oregon and create a community of artists and attendees that will last throughout the years.'

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Bloodstock 2021

When: August 11-15, 2021

Where: Derbyshire, UK

The Scene: Over 100 international rock and metal acts descend on the peaceful village of Walton on Trent in Derbyshire for four days of mayhem. Bloodstock has earned a fan favorite reputation 'by consistently showcasing the strongest metal line up on UK soil.'

The Lineup: , ,

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Blue Ox Music Festival 2021

When: June 19-21, 2021

Where: Eau Claire, WI

The Scene: Bluegrass band, Pert Near Sandstone, hosts the Blue Ox Music Festival just outside of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The Whispering Pines Campground brings back festies each year with its hammock-handy shade trees and the peace of the central pond. This small sized festival is beloved for its cozy size and excellent bluegrass lineup.

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Boardmasters 2021

When: August 11-15, 2021

Where: Newquay, UK

The Scene: It's a magical combination when competitive surfing joins up with a music festival on the beaches of Cornwall, the surfing mecca of the UK. Boardmasters mixes professional surfers with 50,000 festies a day along with an electronic and rock lineup.

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Summer Smash Festival 2021

When: August 20-22, 2021

Where: Chicago, IL

The Scene: The premier hip-hop music festival in the Midwest returns this August to Chicago with over 75 artists, 3 stages, and more installations than ever before.<br />

The Lineup:

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Summer Camp 2021

When: August 20-22, 2021

Where: Chillicothe, IL

The Scene: From chilled out late night campfire jams to beat busting dance shows, the party at Summer Camp goes long past the end of scheduled performances. 'Scampers' can apply to become camp counselors which means free tickets, free camping, and free beer in exchange for being an official party ambassador to the other attendees. Our resident festival expert calls Summer Camp — 'the best festival of the Memorial Day Weekend.'

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Bass Canyon 2021

When: August 20-22, 2021

Where: George, WA

The Scene: After throwing a successful dinosaur-themed festival in Ohio (just roll with it), superstar DJ, Excision, takes the basshead party to the legendary Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State for this new late summer show. Bass Canyon promises 3 days and nights of non-stop bass music with no stage conflicts, and of course, lots of Excision sets.

The Lineup:

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Psycho Las Vegas 2021

When: August 20-22, 2021

Where: Las Vegas, NV

The Scene: Growing larger in production, budget and size each year, Psycho Las Vegas proves its position as a premier festival for heavy metal and rock fans. Already benefiting from its location in Sin City, Psycho Las Vegas features an expansive lineup for every sort of headbanging metal fan. Although the festival is rooted in its heavy metal and rock core, the lineup scope continues to see more diversity each year.

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Summer Well 2021

When: August 13-15, 2021

Where: Buftea, Romania

The Scene: This annual three-day festival celebrates 10 years as the premier festival of Bucharest in Romania. It takes place in the Stirbey Domain a 25 hectare park with old trees, an inner lake, and beautiful buildings.

The Lineup:

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Backwoods Music Festival 2021

When: August 26-29, 2021

Where: Ozark, AR

The Scene: The Backwoods Festival is back! Moving to the fabled Ozark Mountains, Backwoods now takes up residence on Mulberry Mountain, an iconic festival venue. The lineup features some of the best of jam and electronic music currently touring the United States along with cozy camping atmosphere. <br />

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Lost Village 2021

When: August 26-28, 2021

Where: Lincolnshire, UK

The Scene: Deep in an abandoned woodland village, this intimate festival reveals a world-class lineup, tasty food, gut-busting comedy, creative workshops, and lakeside chilling. The immersive festival experience draws festies in with an event-wide narrative that features structured around an interactive theater performance.

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Deep Tropics 2021

When: August 27-28, 2021

Where: Nashville, TN

The Scene: Deep Tropics is a music, art, and style festival that takes in downtown Nashville.

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The Big Feastival 2021

When: August 27-29, 2021

Where: Chipping Norton, UK

The Scene: Are you starving for an end of summer feast? The Big Feastival lineup boasts the best of UK music alongside rockstar chefs at Alex James' Farm in The Cotswolds.

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Kosmic Kingdom 2021

When: August 27-28, 2021

Where: Des Moines, IA

The Scene: 2 days of music, camping, and art in a medieval kingdom.

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Green River Music Festival 2021

When: August 27-29, 2021

Where: Greenfield, MA

The Scene: 'The Green River Festival is Western Massachusetts' signature summer event. For one weekend every July, Greenfield Community College hosts an outrageous celebration of world class music, great local food, beer & wine, a handmade craft fair, and lots of family games and activities. We top it all off with a spectacular Saturday night balloon glow.'

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Beyond Wonderland 2021

When: August 27-28, 2021

Where: San Bernardino, CA

The Scene: It's time to journey back down the rabbit hole for this Alice in Wonderland themed fest. Insomniac's springtime EDM festival in southern California, the sister festival of Nocturnal Wonderland, features everything from house to trance to dubstep to drum and bass. We'll see you at the Mad Hatter's Castle.

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Paradise City 2021

When: August 13-15, 2021

Where: Perk, Belgium

The Scene: This Paradise City takes you down to the historic setting of Kasteel de Ribaucourt in Belgium for a weekend of underground electronic beats. The venue, a beautiful 15th century castle in the city of Perk, is located just outside Brussels (and right next door to the international airport!).

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Breakaway Festival Michagan 2021

When: August 27-28, 2021

Where: Grand Rapids, MI

The Scene: Breakaway is the fastest growing multi-city music festival with events in the Midwest including Ohio, Michigan, the Carolinas and Tennessee.

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Railbird Festival 2021

When: August 28-29, 2021

Where: Lexington, KY

The Scene: Music. Bourbon. Equine. The Railbird Festival happens this August in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Reading Festival 2021

When: August 27-29, 2021

Where: Reading, UK

The Scene: The infamous Reading & Leeds Festival is heralded as the best music show on the planet. With the most revered artists from across the globe playing each year across the August Bank Holiday weekend, it is a genuine rite of passage for discerning music lovers everywhere.

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WonderBus Festival 2021

When: August 28-29, 2021

Where: Columbus, OH

The Scene: Elevation Festivals will present WonderBus, Ohio’s biggest live concert event in more than a year on The Lawn at CAS.

The Lineup: , ,

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Outlaw Music Festival 2021

When: August 22-October 24, 2021

Where: North America Tour

The Scene: Willie Nelson and friends hit the road each summer on this American festival tour. With 15+ stops around the country, Willie brings that outlaw attitude and a varied lineup to cities across the Northeast and Midwest. Each mini-festival features an Outlaw Village with local cuisine, craft beers, and local artists showing off the unique vibe of the host city.

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Ostend Beach Festival 2021

When: August 20-22, 2021

Where: Ostend, Belgium

The Scene: Celebrating ten years as one of Belgium's premier electronic festivals, Ostend Beach is set against the coastline with plenty of sandy space for dancing your face off. Nearly 80 acts will compete for your attention over this three day seaside festival.

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