Ask The Music Festival Wizard: Do I Need A Tent Lock?

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I’m going to my first major festival this summer and there’s camping. Do you recommend using a tent lock? 

There’s always a couple of assholes that ruin the music festival experience and tent thieves are at the top of that list. Worst feeling in the world is returning and finding your stuff has disappeared. To combat theft, some music festivals recommend using a small tent lock to protect your gear.

Using a lock suggests that it would deter a would be-thief from heisting your stuff. Why not just move onto an easier target? The counter-argument is that having a lock advertises that there’s something definitely worth stealing in there — and a simple knife slash gets you into any tent.

Our advice: Don’t use a lock. Our crew has always spent the day with an unlocked tent and haven’t had any issues. Whether you secure your tent our not, here are a few simple guidelines:

Tip #1: Limit your valuables. If you don’t bring it, then it can’t be stolen. To enjoy a music festival, you’ll need your ID and some money — and that’s it. Leave the laptop, the DSLR camera, or iPad at home.

Tip #2: This will seem like a no-brainer but – DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING VALUABLE IN YOUR TENT.

Tip #3: For smaller stuff that you just can’t lose (driver’s license, money, sunglasses, car keys), carry it in your pocket, purse, or fanny pack. And no, I don’t want to carry your wallet all day for you. Take care of your own shit.

Tip #4: Most major festivals now offer locker services. We’ve tried out a few and they’ve worked well for us. Highly recommended for stashing gear.

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