The Hives

The Hives are a Swedish rock band that rose to prominence in the early 2000s during the Garage Rock Revival. Their mainstream success came with the release of the album Veni Vidi Vicious, containing the single "Hate to Say I Told You So". The band has been acclaimed by music critics as one of the best live rock bands.[1][2] -Wikipedia

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Jera on Air 2021

Ysselsteyn, Netherlands
June 24-26, 2021

Hurricane Festival 2022

Scheessel, Germany
June 17-19, 2022

Southside Festival 2022

Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany
June 17-19, 2022 / Book Tickets

Garorock 2022

Marmande, France
June 22-26, 2022
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