Artist Changes at Monolith Festival

Couple of lineup announcements for Monolith. Wale has dropped out to be on the MTV music awards which is happening on the same day. The Norwegian government wouldn’t give Ida Maria funding to come over so she’s out too.

But here’s the silver lining: Rahzel, The Love Language, Stars of Track & Field, Anni Rossi, The Depreciation Guild, Sugar & Gold (Kick-Off), Hot Tub (Kick Off) and Royal Bangs are all joining the show.

There’s also a mess of local DJs spinning between sets. They include Boyhollow, MU$A, Mentat, Scotty Metalic, Self Inflicted feat. Sammie T, Neovizion, Seven7h Wave, Digital Disko and DJ Devo.

Monolith Music Festival takes place September 12-13, 2009 in Colorado. For ticket prices and the full lineup check out Monolith Music Festival Guide.


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