Another Australia Festival Cancelled: 2013 Homebake Music Festival


Homebake Logo

Just short of its eighteenth birthday, the Homebake Music Festival has confirmed that the the 2013 edition has been cancelled. From the statement released on the official website, festival competition (the also cancelled Harvest) combined with a venue change led to the demise of Homebake. From the website:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that HOMEBAKE 2013 has been cancelled…for reasons beyond our control or desire, and after a 15 year run, we were advised that for this year, the Domain had also confirmed another music festival that appealed to a similar audience and scheduled to run a mere 2 weeks before our proposed HOMEBAKE date…What is achingly ironic is the reason that forced the change in venue [and with it the format] cancelled shortly before HOMEBAKE 2013’s launch, but by then it was simply too late to revert back to our true home.

This is a tough break for the Australian festival scene which has already dealt with the loss of the Harvest Festival as well as Pyramid Rock. The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting trouble on the horizon for Parklife, Supafest, and Big Day Out for the upcoming season.

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