An Announcement About an Announcement

The teasing about the Outside Lands lineup finally comes to an end on June 1st. So now that we’re covering it, does that make this an announcement? There’s been some hints and guesses and buuuuuzzzzzz about the lineup. We skipped all of  that monkey business because Music Festival Wizard is about facts — which is why we get 95% of our news via Facebook and Twitter.

Visit at 9AM PST on Tuesday, June 1st for the lineup announcement video premiere. Check at 11AM PST on Tuesday, June 1st for the full skinny on the lineup, ticketing and everything you ever cared to know about Outside Lands.

If you don’t feel like watching the lineup announcement, we’ll have it posted in our MFW Outside Lands Festival Guide — probably a few days late because our attention span isn’t long enough to sit through an announcement video.

[via Outside Lands Facebook]

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