All Good Moves to Ohio, WV Locals “Never Warmed Up to the Festival”

All Good moves from West Virginia to Ohio. Photo credit: All Good FB

The 2012 All Good Music Festival is moving to Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio for the July 19-22 show. The new venue is right off I-70 near Columbus.

The former location at Marvin’s Mountaintop in West Virginia may have featured stellar camping, but the single lane road caused a major traffic headache. According to the All Good website, organizers blamed local officials for the move:

Parting is bittersweet. We will always treasure our time at Marvin’s Mountaintop. But we had to take a hard look at the negative impact the West Virginia site had on you, our fans, who sometimes spent 4 to 6 hours covering that last five miles under close scrutiny from authorities.

We had to weigh the impact of our traffic and presence on the local population and local officials who never warmed up to the festival, its legion of loyal fans and our “style”. In 2011 county officials went so far as to pass a crippling Mass Gathering Ordinance that directly targeted All Good and levied an outrageous tax on our event. We would much rather spend this money (your ticket money) on bands, safety and enhancements to your overall festival experience.

The phrase “close scrutiny from authorities” gives me chills. No lineup for the festival yet, but they promise no overlapping sets. Will keep you posted.

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