Accessible Festivals Expands to 60 Events This Summer!
By / January 18, 2016



Most of us already know that music festivals can have an significant impact on your life. The non-profit organization Accessible Festivals is on a mission to “ensure live music events are available to anyone who wants to attend, regardless of their ability”. Last year they made forty events accessible including Electric Daisy Carnival, Lightning in a Bottle, Firefly Music Festival, and even the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia.

Accessible Festivals ensures that festival patrons have access to ADA compliant restrooms, accessible viewing areas, easy access to stages and other festival activities, and technologies that can enhance the experience for individuals with physical and/or mental impairments.

Here’s Austin Whitney describing how he came to found the organization: “I’ll never forget attending my first music festival a year after I became paralyzed from the waist down. As the music poured over me, I realized that for the first time since my car accident, I felt alive. Music festivals became something I looked forward to; however I quickly realized how inaccessible these events were to the disabled community.”

This year, Accessible Festivals is increasing their presence to a whopping 60 events. If you would like to help out, Accessible Festivals is currently raising funds for their 2016 season and to learn more about this group, check out the official website.

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