A Good Idea: VIP Toilet Upgrades

when nature calls

You may not need VIP, but what about upgrading your ticket just a tiny bit in exchange for luxury toilets all weekend? It’s possible at the Isle of Wight Festival which partnered up with with a fancy loo company. Just imagine a relaxing, comfortable, bathroom experience for four days instead of the nightmare that is the typical camping fest experience. From the website:

Our cabins feature self contained cubicles each with a wall hung WC, hand wash basin with hot and cold water, mirror, hand soap dispensers, luxury toilet tissue and paper hand towels. Our uniformed staff will check each toilet after every use to ensure it’s fully stocked and clean for your use. We’ve invested in the latest vacuum technology so there are no chemicals and just 0.5 litres of fresh water with every flush.

Now that’s luxury.

via When Nature Calls

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