A Good Idea: Traveling Train Music Tours

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This isn’t a music festival, but it combines everything that I love — mainly Willie Nelson and trains. From October 20-28, 2012, the Railroad Revival Tour will chug from Duluth, Georgia, to Oakland, California. Willie Nelson will be the conductor and he’s bringing along Band of Horses, Jamey Johnson, and John Reilly & Friends.

The tour takes place across the south and has stops in New Orleans, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Old Town Spring in Texas, Tempe, and San Pedro. The venues are like vacant lots and parks near the tracks where the train just pulls up and the bands jump out and perform. Check out this video:

Will John Reilly transform into Dewey Cox? Will Nelson make it through Tempe without a possession charge? And most important, how the hell do I get on board this train? Apparently, limited train packages will be available. Check out more info on that along with ticket prices right here.

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