A Good Idea: Love Shacks

The FloydFest Love Shack

Want to come back to my Love Shack?

Nothing says glamping like a your own private yurt. This year, FloydFest offers “Love Shacks” for the festival sleeping challenged:

Our spacious 16 foot decked-out Blue Ridge Yurts sleep 4 people on comfortable cots, and come equipped with an outdoor kitchen, private privy, PARKING!, solar shower, and upscale amenities like ice and water delivery, Red Rooster coffee, electricity, towels, and toiletries!

Comfort doesn’t come cheap. The budget option costs $2500 for 5 nights and 6 days and includes (2) regular weekend tickets. But man, do these ever look comfortable and they’ll be for sale after the festival.
Getting busy in the Love Shack

via FloydFest

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