7 Totally Unnessecary Things to Pack for Bonnaroo

Let’s face it. Camping at Bonnaroo isn’t exactly an epic wilderness adventure. It’s car camping — which means you can bring along crap that doesn’t belong in any practical campsite. Here are a few humble suggestions from the staff here at MFW on some of the more pointless items to shove into your pack.

A Bizzare Costume

Bonnaroo isn’t just about music and drinking. It’s about the drugs too. And nothing makes your experience better than treating the Roo like a half-assed Halloween. What’s the theme? Whatever you want man.

The Beer Belly



The man is always trying to bring you down even at music festivals. $7.00 for a beer? That $350 ticket should come with a free keg. You’re crafty. You’re stealthy. You’ve got a beer belly. Load this sucker up with a quart of vodka and you’re good for at least the next thirty minutes.

Inflatable Sofa

Are you still sitting on the ground like some sort of animal? Class up your site with some inflatable furniture. Our pick is the Aerobed Convertible Sofa. Why? Here’s the description from the website: “Is it a bed? Is is a sofa? Is it a lounger? is it an oversized ottoman? YES!” You’re a true master if you can find a way to keep this from melting.

Camp Toilet

There’s nothing more foul on this earth than a music festival porta pott. You deserve a throne that at least is only covered in your own human waste. Unzip your tent, take a seat, and enjoy all the luxury that only a plastic toilet could provide.

Beer Pong Table

Have you ever wanted to be the most popular kid in the campground? Fold this genius invention up and bring along the greatest beer drinking game of all time. Invite your neighbors over and let the good times roll. They may even dub you the king of the campground.

Ipod Hoodie

It’s 4 am and your camp neighbors are blasting T.I. and doing lines of coke (oh, it happens). You have two choices, either join them, or curl up in this comfy hoodie which has built in speakers and fall asleep listening to your favorite emo band.

Magic Bullet to Go

There’s nothing that says “camping” like a late night TV infomercial . The Magic Bullet will let you whip smoothies, cocktails, even hummus all in the comfort of your camp site. It does all this without a cord! Magic indeed. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what Mick has to say


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