7 Things We Can’t Wait To See at MusicFestNW 2013


MusicfestNW, set to kick off today, has so much happening that it’s hard to take it all in, but the Music Festival Wizard are sure going and try to take a big bite of what’s happening. Here’s a few of the things the we want to sample over the next six days at Portland’s largest music festival.

Quick Stats — MusicfestNW

2013 Dates: September 3-8, 2013
Number of Days: 6
Anticipated Attendance: 34,000+
Number of Venues: 16
Number of Bands: Lots (see below)

1. Bands, Bands, Bands

Well, there’s this list to whet your appetite. And after you fill up that, there’s even more here.


2. The Return of Ian Rubbish

Legendary fake punk rocker and Margaret Thatcher lover, Ian Rubbish is scheduled to make a hotly anticipated appearance.

MFNW Ian Rubbish

3. KEXP Live Broadcasts

Awesome live mini-shows broadcasted live from a bar. And it’s all ages. And it’s free. I’m picturing myself walking up, ordering a Bloody Mary at the Doug Fir, and enjoying a live morning appearance of CHVRCHES on KEXP. It’s scheduled for 10:30am so let’s keep the volume down, okay?



4. Day Parties

Who doesn’t love a free day party hosted by Mariachi El Bronx? Bonus points for being held “behind” something.



5. TechfestNW

The geekiest festival of the fall, MFNW hosts a tech filled festival-within-a-festival (TechfestNW aka TFNW) over the weekend with speakers that make our hearts go pitter-patter. If the phrase “creator of Twitter’s API” means nothing to you, then don’t click here for more info.


6. More Day Parties

Satur-the-Day is going be packed with a whole bunch of day parties. Here’s another one that starts at 11am and features the  Radiation City, Magic Mouth, Aan, The Parson Red Heads and Tiburones.

MFNW Day Party 2

7. Brew Festival

The annual Widmer Oktoberfest isn’t an official part of MFNW, but you know, it’s happening at the same time (Friday and Saturday) so you know we have to swing by and grab a pint — if only to find out why it’s held in early September.
Widmer Brewery

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