6 Inventions to Smuggle Booze Into Festivals

Have you ever bought a drink at a music festival? Yeah, neither have we. If you’re like us, you probably believe that your three hundred ticket should come with a free keg. Instead, you’re forced to pay stadium prices for a beer. Good thing you have us to help you. Our friends at Liquor Snob have given us a list of their favorite James Bond inventions.

1. Reef Dram Sandals

You’re going to be wearing sandals anyway, so why not wear liquor filled sandals. That’s right, the Reef Dram sandals hold 3 ounces each, which means you get six normal person drink or one large one.

2. The Winerack

Boobs rule. Boobs filled with liquor? That’s just awesome and the premise behind the Winerack, which transforms an average girl’s cleavage into a walking liquor cabinet.

3. The Beerbelly

Obviously, The Winerack won’t work for the fellas, which is where The Beer Belly takes over. This genius invention slips on under your shirt and lets you see what your future self will look like in about ten years if keep drinking at this rate. Our tip: The BeerBelly will only hold two foamy cans of beer. But vodka? Well, now we’re cooking.

4. The Liquor Seat

It’s just a regualar old stadium seat that’s filled with your favorite libation. Simple, clean, and effective. It’s not as flashy as the other inventions, but it’s certainly the most practical.

5. Violin Bottle Carrier

Speaking of practical, This one probably won’t work, but everyone loves instrument cases that don’t actually hold instruments. Remember in Desperado when Antonio Banderas had a guitar case filled with guns and Salma Hyaek got naked? That was so cool.

6. Beer Keg Costume

The guards will be so distracted by your awesome costume that they’ll never even notice that your head is full of alcohol. The wild tap hat holds a whopping 13 ounces of booze. Plus, everyone is going to be buying you drinks because you’re so crazy!

Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.