550+ Arrested and Detained at New England Country Music Festival

We couldn't find a photo, but assume this is how NE Country Fest looked this weekend.

While raves generally grab the headlines when it comes to lawbreaking at music festivals, that’s small potatoes compared to the erroneously named (sorry, four acts do not make a festival) New England Country Music Festival.  During the two day Kenny Chesney fueled bender at Gillette Stadium, 560 fans were grabbed by police for a slew of charges. According to Foxboro police Sgt. Richard Noonan concertgoers engaged in the following:

Minor in possession of alcohol, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, trespassing, assault and battery, and assault and battery on a police officer.”

Mayhem By the Numbers
Number of Arrests: 101
Number Thrown in Drunk Tank: 466
Number of Fans at Festival: 110,000
Number of Arrrests for Drugs: 1

Ever since 2008, when two fans were killed in a drunken driving accident, the town of Foxboro has been cracking down on disorderly behavior. But why so many troublemakers this year? Town selectman Mark Sullivan has a theory:

It’s unfortunate, you know? It’s just the way these young adults are today. They’re just crazy.”

Now even though the above stats make music festivals sound like the Thunderdome in Mad Max, consider that 99.5% (we actually did the math) of the fans had no incidents with Johnny Law. Check out this article on why this shouldn’t be a big deal on BostInno. Also consider the real tragedy here — that a four artist show at a football stadium calls itself a music festival.

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