The Scene: 5 Reasons to Attend UMS in Denver
By / July 31, 2015

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Last weekend Music Festival Wizard took to the streets of Denver for the 15th annual Underground Music Showcase. It was awesome! We’ll definitely be going in 2016 and here’s why you should too…

1. UMS is a non-profit music festival that benefits the Denver Post Community Foundation. Your money goes towards a good cause!


2. Denver has some of the best local music around. Don’t believe me? There were over 4oo local and national acts at UMS 2015 and just about every music genre you could imagine! Remember when you used myspace to discover new music? Just attend UMS, you’ll walk away from the festival with loads of new favorite bands.

Slim Cessna's Auto Club

3. The Baker neighborhood is so cool. Not to mention that the neighborhood has been more than accommodating with the influx of music and people for the past 15 years, it is full of some of the hippest bars, eateries, and shops in all of Denver. Get a coffee and browse records at Mutiny Information Cafe, catch a punk rock show at the gritty Hi-Dive bar, or go back in time and shop for the best in vintage and new apparel at one of the many shops along south Broadway. All UMS venues are within walking distance from each other in this charming neighborhood so you’re sure to catch every act your little heart desires.
Mutiny Information Cafe

4. There’s more than just music to experience while attending UMS. Shows don’t begin until the early evening on Thursday and Friday so if you’re visiting the festival from out of town, this is the perfect opportunity to take a brew tour from one of the MANY breweries in town (click here for beer) or catch a good ol’ American ball game. Oh and recreational use of marijuana is legal. Just sayin’.
Rockies vs. Reds

5. UMS will not break the wallet. Don’t expect to find overpriced cheap beers like Bud or Miller but do expect to see local micro brews for only $6! With 4 days of great indie music, free tacos and ice-cream, fun activities from sponsors like Youth on Record who brought their own dunk tank, and $6 deep eddy vodka cocktails and Breckenridge brews, the $75 gate price seems like pennies!

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