100 Nights of Summer – All The Recaps and Photos From 2022
By / January 1, 2023

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2022 may have been a disorganized and chaotic mess from start to finish, but on the plus side – music festivals are back! The European festival scene came roaring into this summer for the first time since 2019 and I couldn’t have been happier to see the industry recovery.

I started off the summer with a return to the first festival I ever attended in Europe and an insane double weekend of indie rock. Then it was off camping in the English countryside for a UK interpretation of Americana, a pretty lake in Macedonia, a mega-festival in Madrid, and a volcano in the middle of the Atlantic. I dropped into Kosovo for the first time to see a festival put on by Dua Lipa’s father, dipped into Albania to cover our first ever festival in that country (also put on by Dua Lipa’s father), hit up the iconic Olympic Stadium in Munich, and finished the season back home in New England for a first-year fest.

Along the way, I took 35,000+ photos and wrote a few articles about the season. Enjoy and hopefully we will have even more for you in 2023!

Festival #1: Primavera Sound (Two Weekends!)

Barcelona, Spain

Double The Fun: The Scene @ Primavera Sound 2022

The Highs and Lows of Primavera Sound 2022 Weekend #1

Highlights From Weekend #2 of Primavera Sound 2002

Photo Gallery: 100+ Photos From Primavera Sound’s 1st Weekend Back!

Primavera Sound 2022 Weekend #2 Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery: The People of Primavera Sound 2022

Festival #2: Black Deer Festival

Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK

Americana In The UK: The Scene @ Black Deer Festival 2022

Photo Gallery: Kicking It Up @ Black Deer Festival 2022

Photo Gallery: The Vibe @ Black Deer Festival 2022

Festival #3: D Festival

Dorjan, Macedonia

Chilling On The Lake: The Scene @ D Festival 2022

Photo Gallery: Feeling The Love @ D Festival 2022

Festival #4: Mad Cool Festival

Madrid, Spain

Summertime in Spain: The Scene @ Mad Cool Festival 2022

Photo Gallery: Even More Music @ Mad Cool Festival 2022

Photo Gallery: Magical Moments @ Mad Cool Festival Part #1

Photo Gallery: The Atmosphere and Festies of Mad Cool Festival 2022

Festival #5: Sunny Hill Festival

Pristina, Kosovo

Party in Pristina: The Scene @ Sunny Hill Festival 2022

Fun and Faces @ Sunny Hill Festival 2022 (Pristina, Kosovo)

Festival #6: Atlantis Concert For Earth

The Azores, Portugal

Conservation Rocks: The Scene @ Atlantis Concert For Earth 2022

Into The Volcano @ Atlantis Concert For Earth 2022 (Photo Gallery)

Festival #7: Sunny Hill Festival

Tirana, Albania

Festivalling in Albania: The Scene @ Sunny Hill Tirana 2022

Put Your Hands Up @ Sunny Hill Festival (Tirana, Albania)

Festival #8: Superbloom Festival

Munich, Germany

The Scene @ Superbloom Munich 2022

The Super Vibe @ Superbloom Festival 2022 (Photo Gallery)

The Second Day Blowout @ Superbloom Festival 2022

Celebrating Summer’s End @ Superbloom Festival 2022

Festival #9: Sound on Sound

Bridgeport, USA

Sunshine, Showers, and The Scene @ Sound on Sound 2022

A Sunny Saturday @ Sound on Sound Festival 2022 (Photo Gallery)

A Star-Filled Sunday @ Sound on Sound 2022 (Photo Gallery)

Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.