All The Recaps and Photo Galleries From 100 Nights of Summer 2018

Another whirlwind edition of 100 Nights of Summer is on the books with me attending 15 music festivals in 15 straight weekends in 15 different countries. I’ll freely admit that it’s all a bit of blur, but I was lucky enough to bring along a camera and a laptop and managed to capture a few of the memories.

The host of 100NOS about to fall out of a hammock

It all started out at with the world’s largest philosophy and music festival in Wales back at the end of May. Then it was off to a triple repeat of my absolute favorite boutique indie music festivals, some metal in Denmark, and a couple of the largest fests in both Czech and Slovakia. I danced until eight in the morning in the dance arena at EXIT, went back to my adopted hometown in Romania for Electric Castle, broke a 50-day drought in England, and knocked “off” one of my oldest bucket list festivals in Poland. I traveled to brand three brand new countries (Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine) and saw how they festival, before wrapping it all up in the absolute stunning green field beauty of Scotland.

A really big thanks to all the festivals for hosting me and the 100 Nights of Summer Tour. I’d also like to thank Klymit, Big Agnes, and WestJet for sending along products for me to review along the way. It can be a mentally and physically draining tour, so all that help is appreciated. Also, an especially big thanks to my mom, who proofreads all my articles, and still thinks I don’t eat enough fruit when I’m traveling.

Monday mornings for a Music Festival Wizard

Here’s a look at what 15 festivals in a row looks like…

Festival #1: HowtheLightGetsIn
Hay, Wales

Photo Gallery: Opening the Mind @ HowTheLightGetsIn 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The HowTheLightGetsIn 2018 Recap

Festival #2: This Is Not a Love Song
Nimes, France

Photo Gallery: We Can’t Get Enough Indie Rock @ TINALS 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The TINALS 2018 Recap

Festival #3: NOS Primavera Sound
Porto, Portugal

Photo Gallery: It’s a Music Lover’s Paradise @ NOS Primavera 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The NOS Primavera Sound 2018 Recap

Festival #4: Maifeld Derby
Mannheim, Germany

Photo Gallery: Home Again @ Maifeld Derby 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The Maifeld Derby 2018 Recap


Festival #5: Copenhell
Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Gallery: Bang Your Head @ Copenhell 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The Copenhell 2018 Recap

Festival #6: Aerodrome Festival in the Sky
Prague, Czech

Photo Gallery: Flying Away in Czech @ Aerodrome 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The Aerodrome Festival in the Sky 2018 Recap

Festival #7: Pohoda Festival
Trencin, Slovakia

Photo Gallery: Here’s The Chilled Out Vibe @ Pohoda Festival 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The Pohoda Festival 2018 Recap

Festival #8: EXIT Festival
Novi Sad, Serbia

Photo Gallery: Storming the Fortress @ Serbia’s EXIT Festival

100 Nights of Summer: The EXIT Festival 2018 Recap

Festival #9: Electric Castle
Bontida, Romania

Photo Gallery: Laying Siege @ Electric Castle 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The Electric Castle 2018 Recap

Festival #10: Standon Calling
Standon, England

Photo Gallery: We Head Into the Future @ Standon Calling 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The Standon Calling 2018 Recap

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Festival #11: OFF Festival
Katowice, Poland

Photo Gallery: Taking In the Brilliant Lineup @ OFF Festival 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The OFF Festival 2018 Recap

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Festival #12: Way Out West
Gothenburg, Sweden

Photo Gallery: The Artists and Fashion @ Way Out West 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The Way Out West 2018 Recap

Festival #13: Live Music Beach
Karkle, Lithuania

Photo Gallery: Relaxing in the Sand @ Karkle Live Music Beach 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The Karkle Live Music Beach 2018 Recap

Festival #14: ZaxidFest
Magic Valley, Ukraine

Photo Gallery: Headbanging in Ukraine @ ZaxidFest 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The Zaxidfest 2018 Recap

Festival #15: Electric Fields
Thornhill, Scotland

Photo Gallery: The Final Stop @ Electric Fields 2018

100 Nights of Summer: The Electric Fields 2018 Recap


Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.